1. Solving Relationship Issues

    Solving Your Relationship Issues

    No relationship is perfect! Everyone hits a rough patch here and then. The important thing though is to not let it have a negative impact on your relationship. Especially if you know this person is someone incredibly special. Relationships take a lot of communication and trust. It's important that w…Read More

  2. Go On a Vacation, You Won't Regret It!

    Go on a Vacation, You Won’t Regret It!

    A couple months left until summer will officially be over! With that in mind have you taken a few days off to enjoy the summer sun?  There’s not much time left if you haven’t gone on a vacation, yet. Maybe you’re thinking who needs a vacation! Or I don’t have any money! Of course, there are…Read More

  3. self-pampering

    The Importance of Me Time & Self-Pampering

    Most of us are busy, day in, day out, leaving us very little time to ourselves. However, that doesn’t mean you should forget about your self–care. Don’t wait for a day to where you will be able to finally treat yourself. Instead, you should take the initiative to schedule a day of self-pamperi…Read More

  4. Brave Take Leap

    Be Brave & Take That Leap

    Fear has the ability to stop us in our tracks, preventing us from starting new and different things. Maybe it's something out of our comfort zone that makes us so unsure of taking that next leap, whether it’s a big or small decision. However, that feeling of uncertainty and fear should not stop yo…Read More

  5. Importance of spending quality time with your child

    The Importance of Spending Quality Time with Your Child

    Spending quality time is better than just killing time with your child. Being a parent can be a challenging time. Especially if it’s your first time or if it’s been awhile since your last child. It’s hard enough when you’re worried about your child’s well-being. Whether they are eating ri…Read More

  6. Living Stress-Free Life

    Living a Stress-Free Life

    A guide to living a stress-free life We are finally well into the month of July! It’s hard to believe that the year is already half way gone. With that said, some of you may be stressing over all the things you have yet to do. If this sounds all too familiar, stop stressing. You’re not doing you…Read More

  7. Feeling Confident in Your Swimwear

    Summer is in full swing, meaning it’s time to break out your swimsuits. Not feeling 100 percent confident in your swimwear? Well, you should feel confident. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you and make you feel like you’re any less beautiful than what you are. It’s common and easy for …Read More

  8. Eat What You Love & Still Stay Healthy

    Weight loss can be a challenging time for anyone who wishes to lose weight. It is a time when your patience, dedication, and willpower are put to the test. Although weight loss can be a challenging time, it’s possible to get to your desired weight or size. If you really want to see a change you ha…Read More

  9. It’s OK to Be Single

    Being single is often associated with being unhappy. While being in a relationship is often associated with being beyond happy, just over the moon. However, the reality is not everyone who is in a relationship is extremely satisfied or happy just because they share their lives with someone. Same goe…Read More

  10. The Best Relationships Start With You

    Relationships, in general, are hard. It’s a matter of having good communication, being respectful to one another, and completely honest with each other. Non-romantic relationships aren’t as hard as romantic ones. However, sometimes in both, we can say and do the wrong things that can change the …Read More

  11. Exercising Isn’t The Only Way to Stay Fit

    At some point and time, we’ve all tried to live a healthy lifestyle. The way it usually starts is by cutting out all the bad from your diet all at once— going in for the dive! Not second guessing that maybe we should gradually cut things out from our diet instead of going cold turkey and heading…Read More