1. 4 Signs That You’ve Outgrown Your Relationship

    Relationships are bound to change. As time passes, our relationships will face a few roadblocks, turns, bumps, highs, lows, and everything in between. Sometimes, these shifts can cause you to wonder if the relationship is meant for you anymore. Fluctuations in relationships are normal; however, if y…Read More

  2. Thriving Career

    Keeping Your Relationship Fresh as Busy Professionals

    Relationships can be difficult in managing as an adult with a thriving career. Finding someone is hard enough, but once you found your special someone keeping your relationship lively and making time for each can prove to also become challenging. Especially when the both of you have your own careers…Read More

  3. Signs of Codependency

    Signs of Codependency

    Codependency can be a serious issue, especially when the person is depending on the other person too much. Not giving the other person enough space to breathe or do their own things on their own time can have a negative impact on a relationship. It’s normal to want to be with someone all the time,…Read More

  4. Solving Relationship Issues

    Solving Your Relationship Issues

    No relationship is perfect! Everyone hits a rough patch here and then. The important thing though is to not let it have a negative impact on your relationship. Especially if you know this person is someone incredibly special. Relationships take a lot of communication and trust. It's important that w…Read More

  5. 28 Day Relationship Challenge

    This relationship challenge is designed to have you focus on your partner and the relationship. Taking a different perspective in the way you approach your relationship. The challenge will help you and your partner to not only just regain the spark back in the relationship, find new things about eac…Read More

  6. Being Single is an Opportunity

    Single? Good! It’s an Opportunity

    Since adolescence, an emphasis on finding “the one” seems to be the topic of conversation causing many young people to spend the greater part of their young lives in pursuit of a relationship. It is in our twenties when many family members start questioning us about whether we are in a relations…Read More

  7. relationship pitfalls

    7 Most Common Pitfalls in a Relationship

    Relationships do get difficult. They are not always filled with smiles, laughter, and butterflies. Sometimes it can get frustrating or just flat out boring. The thing is, this is normal. Relationships aren’t always going to be flowing smoothly, there will be bumps, and curves and blocks on the roa…Read More

  8. love language

    The Language of Love

    Love is a complex and deep language and one that is communicated differently for everyone. For some they choose to love others by buying them gifts while for others they choose to love by being present and listening to you. While we put an emphasis on trying to understand how we communicate love, it…Read More

  9. Love is

    When “I love you” is not enough

    As children we learn the phrase I love you early by hearing it used consistently by society, family, and storybooks. Often we won’t experience a personal lesson in the actions that represent love before we actually enter the dating world. It is as easy to say the words I love you as it is to say h…Read More

  10. Valentine's Day Guide to Self Care

    Valentine’s Day Guide List to Self-Care

    Valentine’s Day can be very enjoyable, but it can also be an intense and draining experience, especially if you plan on or because of different circumstances, spending it alone. It’s important to remember that just like you love & care for others, you need to love & care for yourself. Va…Read More

  11. Mr Right isn't always going to be Mr Perfect

    Mr. Right isn’t always going to be Mr. Perfect

    With Valentine’s Day coming up, let’s talk about relationships. Especially about finding the right person to be with. We all have a criteria and we want someone who can match them. However, those criteria can sometimes be unrealistic. Can you think of anybody in your life who has a very high - s…Read More

  12. finding the right person

    5 Things You Need to Know about Finding the Right Person

    When you are single and on the market for love, it can sometimes be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of excitement when someone good finally comes along; on the other hand, after a few too many “whirlwinds of excitement,” you may get to the point that you give up all together and don’t e…Read More