1. Overcoming Obstacles

    Overcoming Obstacles

    Life can become difficult! One moment you are having a great life and thinking “Wow, life is going great!” Then the next thing you now it’s like a great big dark cloud overshadows all the positive things that have happened in your life. However, it’s important to not let those negative momen…Read More

  2. Struggling with an Eating Disorder

    Struggling with an Eating Disorder

    Almost 30 million people of all ages and genders struggle with an eating disorder in the United States, according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorder website.  Although anyone can be affected and struggle with an eating disorder, women are the most associated wit…Read More

  3. Signs of Codependency

    Signs of Codependency

    Codependency can be a serious issue, especially when the person is depending on the other person too much. Not giving the other person enough space to breathe or do their own things on their own time can have a negative impact on a relationship. It’s normal to want to be with someone all the time,…Read More

  4. Go On a Vacation, You Won't Regret It!

    Go on a Vacation, You Won’t Regret It!

    A couple months left until summer will officially be over! With that in mind have you taken a few days off to enjoy the summer sun?  There’s not much time left if you haven’t gone on a vacation, yet. Maybe you’re thinking who needs a vacation! Or I don’t have any money! Of course, there are…Read More

  5. self-pampering

    The Importance of Me Time & Self-Pampering

    Most of us are busy, day in, day out, leaving us very little time to ourselves. However, that doesn’t mean you should forget about your self–care. Don’t wait for a day to where you will be able to finally treat yourself. Instead, you should take the initiative to schedule a day of self-pamperi…Read More

  6. Essential Oils to have Plenty of Good Vibes

    Before there were any pharmaceuticals, many people relied on natural remedies and essential oils for thousands of years. They were especially used in ancient China, Egypt, Greece, India and Rome as perfumes, in cosmetics, and as medicines. Of course, the oils didn’t come in cute bottles and packag…Read More

  7. health tips

    Health Is More than Caring For the Body

    As the summer months approaching quickly, our news feeds have been filled with “summer body” advertisements and advice columns. While seasonal fitness has become a health trend in recent years, personal health isn’t just how you eat and how much exercise you get. Studies have shown that overal…Read More

  8. Celebrating Your Beauty Even when You Don’t Feel It

    Everyone is uniquely beautiful on their own way, but it is hard to feel beautiful all the time. With the hustle and bustle of life, we sometimes forget to make time to appreciate how great and beautiful we are and our life is. Forgetting your beauty can be taxing mentally and emotionally, as we tend…Read More

  9. beauty

    Creating Our Own Standard of Beauty

    Early on in our lives, we as women are bombarded by social standards of beauty. The media we have constant access to leads us to formulate beauty standards based on what celebrities are wearing and what magazines tell us is “hot” or “not”. As we grow older a greater emphasis is put on indivi…Read More

  10. Navigating The End of Year Rush

    Between work, school, kids, or whatever else takes up your time – you’re busy. Managing a crazy schedule can be overwhelming. You’ve probably had to remind yourself a few times that you can’t be in two places at once, and that’s okay. Along with a packed schedule and rushed deadlines comes…Read More

  11. Hurricane Safety Tips

    As the first predicted hurricane of the season approaches this week, South Florida has started going into a frenzy in preparation for Hurricane Matthew. Stores can barely keep up with water and canned food sales and hurricane shutters are beginning to go up. As unpredictable as bad weather can be th…Read More

  12. Reclaiming Your Hope

    Hope, as Bishop Desmond Tutu eloquently put it, is having the conviction that there is light despite of all the darkness that surrounds us. Without having this conviction, our view on the future would quickly turn grim and it will be translated into our day to day actions. It is something we need to…Read More